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Welcome to the Arcane Compass --a world of swords and secrets, intrigue and sorcery.

Adventure! Magic! Elder worlds!

Daring rescues and legendary treasures! Mad scientists and forbidden romances!

Bloody battles and fearsome monsters!

All this, and snarky banter, too.

Written, drawn, inked, colored, digitized, edited, and produced by me, John Pruitt.

What’s this all about?

Well, the short answer is that this story revolves around the main protagonists on their journey through a
world of swords & sorcery. The long answer is that it's about a group of adventurers, that become true
friends, and their trek through the magical world of the Arcane Compass. It is about their individual personal
development and exploration of rapidly evolving kingdoms, and their discoveries of long lost secrets,
hidden within the antediluvian ruins that are scattered about. These tales will also feature society's
evolution from a Medieval to Renaissance-like age, all dependant upon uncommon magics,
into a arcanepunk-ish culture where magic blends with the Industrial revolution-like mechanics.

You can email me at:
lord dot pruitt at gmail dot com

You can find me on Facebook, but I really only add people I know in real life.

All of this insanity is mine, inspired by a multitude of ideas and objects that I have encountered in real life.
I’d like to think that all of this is protected by copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights, and unfair
competition laws. I have no problem if someone wants to use some of my art for their own personal use.
However, anything else needs my express prior written consent, signed with a drop of your blood.

Also of note - Blambot! excellent fonts, both free and purhcase, that are essential to illustration.
Without Mr. Piekos, I truly don't know where us poor artists would be.

© & ™ John Pruitt 2000 - 2016.
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