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Al'fae (or elf, for derogatory slang) - The al'fae are known for their skill in agriculture and animal husbandry, their knowledge of nature's secrets, their beautiful works of art, and their natural talent for magic. The al'fae are rumored to not be of this world, that they arrived here through a dimensional rift opened during the 2nd Cycle (also known as the Age of Inauspicious Blood).  Along with the al'fae, it is said, came several of their cousins, members of the faerie realms, and their darkest rivals - members of the goblyns tribes.

Originally, there were twelve groups of the al'fae that arrived on the Arcane Compass.  But, during the cycles of time, their number has dwindled down to only a small handful being left. The remaining al'fae are divided into five distinct legacies - the Liosal'fae, the Dockal'fae, the Romal'fae, the Solaral'fae, and the Keltoral'fae.
Atlaas - Also known as the Country of Freedom, Atlaas is the youngest nation of the Arcane Compass. Founded by Sir Zephyr Steele in the year 797, LM, IV ( the LM mean last millennium, and the IV means Fourth Cycle) - it was the first bastion of hope in the newly discoverd archipelago named Arcanna after it had been invaded by settlers from the countries of Llanowar.

Since the island's liberation in 969 LM, IV, the government has remained a hereditary monarchy, under the steady rule of the Steele family. Atlaas has also been the first country since the Mana Wars to promote responsible magic use in its society. While this is still met with supersticious hesitancy, since it is regulated by the government, it is slowly being accepted as the norm.


Bacardi - Bacardi is a djergr of clan Fenrir, a breed of dwarfs from the nordic region known as Vanaheim, located in the Frost Lands. He is the son of Gymir, the deceased village chief. Bacardi's village was all but destroyed by a ladon (nordic name for a sea dragon) during his younger years. After the destruction of his village, the young djergr set out on the open seas, where he soon became a privateer aboard the Scarlet Belle.

Not long after this is, the privateer ship was captured by a group of slavers. During his imprisonment, Bacardi met & befriended a strange looking al'fae named Faust. The two freeded themselves, along with the other slaves, leading a revolt against the slavers. After winning their freedom, the two have adventured together ever since.

Bacardi has an intense interest in magical items and a passing interest in all things mechanical. This is an odd trait, considering his people naturally avoid all types of magic, except for the divine blessings of their priests. The other odd thing about the djergr is that he is quite often given to fits of listlessness, where all he will do is lounge around, drinking whatever alcoholic beverage is available and playing cards.
Blackfox - The stranger that assisted our heros in rescuing not only their own imperiled selves, but two helpless damsels. After quick introductions, the new quartet made it back to Bonemarsh with the young lasses and collected a nice little reward.

Not much is known about the ranger's past, as he hasn't spoken much of it to his new friends. While he has mentioned that he was part of a teamster's merchant caravan, Blackfox hasn't discussed his family. In this, he is similar to Faust - not wishing to dwell upon the past. Or at least not yet willing to share whatever past events that has tempered him into the person he is today.

Blackfox's favorite weapon in the bow; he is an accomplished archer, as well as an aspiring tracker.


Calendar - The yearly calendar on Yggdrasil is much like that of Earth's, with a few slight additions. Years are denoted in grouping of one thousands, ranging from 0 to 999. After the year, will come a notation of which millennia of the Cycle it is in -

Abbr. Parlance
BM Beginning Millennia
SM Second Millennia
TM Third Millennia
FM Fourth Millennia
LM Last Millennia

Which will be followed by a Roman numeral to denote which Cycle, ie - I, II, III, or IV.
An example would be King Vincent Steele's marriage to Princess in 970 LM, IV - year 970, Last Mellennia, Fourth Cycle.

In addition to numeroius national holidays, there are four week-long celebrations each year -
The Lunar Feast coinsides with the winter solstice;
The Feast of Fertility coinsides with the spring equinox;
The Summer's Fest coinsides with the summer solstice;
The Autumn Harvest coinsides with the autumnal equinox.

See the Lunar Triad entry below for information concerning cycles of the moons rotations.

NOTE: Clicking on the calendar image to the left will take you to a readable sized calendar entry.


Divine Trinity - The Divine Trinity is made up of Soldat, the Father Heaven, Gaia, the Earth Mother and Rhûl, the Lord of the Dead. The religion first appeared in history books near the end of the Mana Wars. Feverent followers began their conquest to save society from the evil magics of the Elemental Monarchs. During the religions infancy, followers of the Divine Trinity were persecuted with extreme prejudice for their beliefs. To help his faithful, Soldat sent his only mortal son, Arthur, to help vanquish the destructive magocracy from the Arcane Compass.

Arthur’s divine weapon is often depicted as a golden sword. With this blessed weapon, Arthur dispatched the last of the diabolical Monarchs and their minions. It was also with this golden sword that Arthur would heal the wounded, cure the ill, and even bring the worthy fallen back to life. After his defeat of the last Elemental Monarch, Arthur went on quests to help re-organize a shattered world. Arthur led a life of giving to those in need, and saving those who were lost. While he was Soldat’s son, Arthur was also mortal, born of human woman. Not long after Arthur’s passing, his Apostles began to disagree over what their religion should try to achieve. Over a few faint years, this turned into egregious arguments, which in turn caused the Unified Church of the Divine Trinity to split into two separate, but closely related, religions.

Because of this schism between the Apostles , the church split into the two different factions. It was a sundering that split the theology right down the middle - with half professing their faith to Soldat, and the other half dedicating their belief to Gaia.

Dwarf - Dwarves are known for their skill in warfare, their ability to withstand physical and magical punishment, their knowledge of the earth's secrets, their hard work, and their capacity for drinking alcoholic beverages. The dwarves of the Arcane Compass are divided into two distinct ethnic groups - the Nordic Djergar, and the subterranean Dvergar.

The fierce Djergar (Djergr - singular) live along the coasts of the Frost Lands, in the region known as Vanaheim. They are the dwarven race that lives upon the surface, usually near an ocean, as they are mostly a sea-faring race. They dwell in villages of stone huts and buildings, and construct their own ocean craft. They are a viking-like race, that loves to fight and do battle. They are organized into battle clans, and make raids on the surrounding settlements of their homeland.

The subterranean Dvergar (Dvergr - singular) live under the Frost Lands, in the Underworld region known as Nidavellar. Of the different cultures in the Frost Lands, the Dvergar are the only ones that have an organized government. They are highly adept at stone work, the forging of metals, and engineering in their underground caverns. Their's is a society with high morals and valor.

However, there is said to be a third group - the Daergar (Daergr - singular), the keepers of the Dead. The Daergar are rumored to live on the dreaded isle known as Niflheim - the Land of the Dead. It is here that all dwarfs bring their dead for burial. Little is known of the Daergar, and their dwarven cousins never speak of them in mixed company.



Faust - An enigmatic refugee, hailing from the isles of the Wai Shotou Empire. Faust claims to be of a mysterious breed of al'fae, whose existance is all but forgotten to the world at large.

Faust met the djergr known as Bacardi on a slaver's ship. The two freed themselves, and the other slaves, leading a revolt against their captors. Since then, the al'fae and the djergr have been steadfast adventuring friends.

Faust seems to favor stealth and guile over force. He is also an aspiring locksmith and sleight of hand performer, with the proverbial devil's silver tongue.



Human - The most plentiful sentient race on the Arcane Compass. They can be found in most any traveled lands - from the Old Realms of Llanowar, to the diverse archipelago of the New Realms - humanity can be found everywhere.

They are the dominant race in several kindgoms, each with their own culture and style. From the Akrabbim Emirates, to the Amazon ruled island-nation of Themiscrya, to the antebellum United Shires of Dixon, to the tribal banking kingdom of Zannstad, to the Divine theocracy of Vasaria - humanity is indeed very diverse.





Lady Delphae - The Voice of Romola, the oracle of Themiscyra and seer of the past, present and future. She is the current oracle for the amazon country of Themiscyra, the latest in a long line that runs centuries into the past. She has retained his position for nearly a 127 years. It is rumored that by being the Voice of Romola, one ages much slower than is normal for the amazons.

Lady Delphae is blind, but she wasn't always that way. In her youth, as a handmaiden, it is stated that she was very beautiful, with eyes like emeralds. To be the Voice of Romola the chosen handmaiden is asked to pay a price. Like all of her predecesssors, Delphae sacrificed her sight for the power to see into the sands of time.

The Lady is always found at the Temple of Romanova, located in the heart of Themiscrya. It is here that she communes with the Elemental Wyrds that whisper the secrets of the universe into her ears.

Lunar Triad - The Arcane Compass has three visible moons that orbit it. These three moons, sometimes refered to as goddesses by some societies, are collectively known as Hel, Sidhe, and Phoebe.
Hel - also known as the crone, is the red moon. She has a lunar cycle of 54 days.
Sidhe - also known as the maiden, is the blue moon. She has a lunar cycle of 42 days.
Phoebe - also known as the lady, is the silver moon. She has a lunar cycle of 27 days.

There is also rumored to be a fourth moon, unseen in the night sky - called the Void moon. While there are many beliefs and theories concerning this moon, it is believed to be solid black - a portal of the Void. Any discussion about this fourth moon is in hushed tones and whispers, for it is believed by all to be an evil sign. To speak of it by name is to gain Evil's attention.


Mana Wars - This is what the 3rd Cycle is known as, for this all consuming war changed the surface of the Arcane Compass forever. Lands were destroyed, whole races slaughtered, and horrable magics were unleashed upon reality.

The wars eventually spread all over the Arcane Compass, pitting archmagi against archmagi, lover against lover - consuming every nation of the Magocracy in a cataclysmic strife for supremecy between the magic users of the time. There was no land untouched by the vicious arcane mana that was released during this time.  Even Yggdrasil was negatively affected by the momentous competition.

The all consuming destruction engulf all, destroying a multitude of societies and cultures. So much was lost during this period, that the world was returned to a dark age.
Military Races - The origins of these various races are as numerious as the backgrounds of their creators. During the peak of the Magocracy's reign, a small handful of the Elemental Monarchs started creating their own race of servants. The reasons for these biomancy constructs can be summarized by the label that was given to the species - military functions.

The creation of these military breeds go hand in hand with the Mana Wars. The majority of these species were created for this specific reason - to be the best soldiers, easy to maintain and easy to procreate unaided. All of these magically constructed species are anthropomorphic, some more so than others. From these species began the tales of legendary figures, prolific heros, and diabolical villans.

In the modern ages, a small handful of these species still exist. Most exist in secret, away from other societies, usually in small groups or even solitary.


Naga - This is arguably the first species to be labeled as a military race, as they were the first biomancy species created with the ability to propigate themselves. The naga were born at the hands of Whisper, the Queen of Silence. This Elemental Monarch constructed the Nagas to fill many roles - as soldiers, guards, servants and entertainment. Their bodies have the upper half of a modified humanoid torso, depicting their gender, and the lower half of a giant snake.

After the Mana Wars, the Naga were very few in numbers. Today, they are thought of as extinct, the fables of a time long ago. However, recent archaeology discoveries has unearthed evidence that would seem to prove otherwise.


Order of the Golden Cross - The Order of the Golden Cross is an paramilitary aliance of differing religious sects and individuals that all believe in compasion and mercy to their fellow sentient beings.

The Order has a monastic organization, with hospices in several out of the way locations, along with formal monasteries in larger cities. A traveler may seek succor at these locations, as well as healing, and time to research and recover from an adventureous endeavor.







Tyrsis, a.k.a. Tyrsis Geowalker - Tyrsis is the eldest child of the Geowalker family, who owns one of the biggest plantations in the province of Deadwood, in the country of Atlaas. Tyrsis befriended his two adventuring friends, who he discovered washed ashore early one night, the same night his plantation was attacked and his father was killed.

Leaving the plantation's future in the hands of his younger brother, he has since traveled with an al'fae called Faust and a djergr named Bacardi.




Wayfarer's Star - The Wayfarer's Star remains stationary at 0, 0 above the center of the Glacial Circle, both day and night. During the day, it is but a faint point of light in the sun lit sky. But at night, it is the brightest star in the heavens. It has been used for centuries, as a point of reference, in maritime and land navigation.



Yggdrasil - The great celestial turtle, which carries the world of the Arcane Compass upon its back, who swims through the currents of the Astral Sea and the howling Etherium. Enduring the Winds of the Etherium and the violent Astral storms, it journeys through the Astral Sea towards some unknown goal or place.

There is very little known of Yggdrasil. It is unknown if he is the only one of his kind, or if there might be others navigating the cosmos as well. One thing that is known, however, is that Yggdrasil appears to be the guardian of the world that he carries. Historians have discovered some vague references in ancient writings that refer to Yggdrasil protecting the inhabitants of the Compass from some extraterrestrial interference. However, the specifics have been lost to time and erosion - lost to the sands of time as it were - and nothing else is known about this fabled action.

Yig Sith - A perversion of an already existing military race, the Yig Sith are a truly insidious species that relys on ingesting the life of other creatures in order to reproduce. They were based on another military race (see Naga) and modified by the Elemental Monarch known as Setara sitt Draxa. Setara did this in retaliation for a perceived slight by another of the Monarchs, her lover - Whisper, the Queen of Silence. This species is a true military force to be reckoned with. The only draw back they experience is their dependance upon other life forms in order to replicate themselves.

The queen of the species lays eggs, which need to be near a living being in order to hatch. Once a hatchling has a host to reside in, their gestation period is a little over three days. By that time, they have consumed all of the host's internal organs. Once freed of the now useless host body, they are ready for combat training and mature within a month's time.


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