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The Kingdoms of the Arcane Archipelago

 1) the Darkwell Circle  Arctic passage between the Old Realms and the New.
 2) the Dragonlands Unexplored lands 
 3) the Frostlands   See encyclopedia entry here.
 4) Kel'töri Highlands  See encyclopedia entry here.
 5) Atlaas  See encyclopedia entry here.
 6) Vhäl'Shar  The Vale of Shadows, home to the Shâr'al'faë
 7) Khaz Dracul  Island home to the Order of High Magic
 8) Azatlán Home to the tribal lizard folk 
 9) Themiscrya Home of the Amazons
10) Cimarron  The wild desert island, home to the Sol'al'faë
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